FORT MCCULLOCH: Site in Bryan County, several miles west of Kenefic. Established in 1862 by Brigadier General Albert Pike, as a Confederate military post on the west side of Blue River at Nail's Crossing. Extensive earthworks remain. Named for Brigadier General Ben McCulloch of Texas, killed at the Battle of Pea Ridge.

FORT NICHOLS: Site in Cimarron County, 2 miles north of Wheeless. A temporary military post established in 1865 by Colonel Kit Carson to protect the travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. Named for Major General William A. Nichols.

FORT RENO: In Canadian County, 2 miles west of El Reno. Post established July, 1875. An army remount station from 1908 until 1949. A post office from February 1, 1877, to May 30, 1907. Named for Major General Jesse L. Reno, killed at Antietam.

FORT SILL: In Comanche County. Established as a military post January, 1869, and occupied continuously since that date. Post office established September 28, 1869, and discontinued August 15, 1917, to become a branch of Lawton post office. Named by Major General P. H. Sheridan for his colleague, Major General Joshua Sill, killed at the Battle of Stone's River.

FORT SPUNKY: In southwestern Rogers County near Catoosa. Not a military post, but a stop on the stage line from Vinita to Tulsa. A post office from January 9, 1880, to February 5, 1883, it took its name from nearby Spunky Creek.

FORT SUPPLY: In western Woodward County, adjoining present town of Fort Supply. Established November, 1868, as a supply base for the Indian campaign of Major General G. A. Custer. Post abandoned in 1893, and now a state hospital. Original post office name of Camp Supply, changed to Fort Supply on June 26, 1889, and discontinued October 12, 1895. On February 3, 1902, a post office named Fitzgerald was established 1 mile west of the army post; name changed to Supply, May 12, 1903, and to Fort Supply, May 1, 1943.


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